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Red giants, white dwarves and black holes - what the Universe is telling us through its colours

Lecture in English given by Torsten H. Sommer MA

Ring_Nebula_kl.jpgOur Universe is colourful. When we take a longer look at the night sky, we realize that the stars do not shine in a uniform white, but that the light of many stars has a blue, yellow or red tinge. And we have all seen some of the photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of galaxies, planetary nebulae or supernova remnants, some of which look like an explosion in a paint factory. Glowing and radiant, pictures of those objects are marvellous to look at - but what do all the vivid colours tell us about these objects? And why are there red and blue giant stars, white and brown dwarf stars, and why are black holes black? In this lecture we will explore what we can learn about our Universe from its colours.

Dauer ca. 90 min.


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